School Library

There are around 5,000 books in our school. The shelves are categorized as children's literature, story, novel, biography, autobiography, theater, history, science, accounting, general reference, and article. Instead of giving them a gift on a birthday party on a Birthday Book with a book "Birthday Sweet," the children will provide a book to the school library. The school library has received many books. There is a separate bookstore registration for each class from UP to high school for library libraries. Accordingly, the books are given in the class by the class teacher who distributes the required class for each class. The class teacher returns the books each week and returns another book to the kids instead. Every week the children read the books reading book and give them a class teacher gift for a good readability. In the book distribution register, the library records the books required for each class and is assigned to the class teacher. After reading the entire book, the books are handed back to the classroom teacher. Bookshelves buy back from the hands of children in late February. Apart from this, there is also a library for children to have a library in the library. The library also has the opportunity to read the newspaper, weekly and magazines at the time of the library.